Travel & Accommodation

Travel to Provo

The conference will be held on the campus of Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. The nearest major airport is less than an hour away in Salt Lake City, although there is also an airport in Provo. The FrontRunner train connects Salt Lake City and Provo. The Trax light rail (green line) connects the airport and the North Temple FrontRunner station. Provo has a good bus system including the free line UVX which runs between downtown Provo (including the FrontRunner station), downtown Orem, and BYU campus. Information on public transit in Utah is available on the Utah Valley Transportation website and the Utah Transit Authority website.

Several shuttle services offer transportation to/from the airport, should you wish to consider that option:


BYU has contracted a discounted rate on a set of rooms for LSRL54 at the Hyatt Place hotel in downtown Provo, available through April 1 on a first-come first-served basis. A link is provided on the conference registration confirmation page. The contracted dates are for May 8-12. The contracted rate for the hotel is $122 for a Standard King room with breakfast. If you would like to stay outside of those dates and still receive the BYU rate, you can contact BYU Travel at 801-422-3872. When contacting BYU, please indicate that you are coming as a guest for the Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages being hosted at BYU and paying for the hotel.

There are several other hotel options near campus or along the UVX bus route for different budgets.

Campus and local area

All conference activities including the conference banquet on May 10 will take place at the BYU Conference Center, 730 E University Pkwy. This building is adjacent to the UVX bus station “BYU North Campus”. Those wishing to park at the venue may do so in the parking lot on the west side of the Conference Center in the first two rows closest to the building.

Nearby amenities on campus include a bookstore and several fast food restaurants in the Wilkinson Student Center; groceries, ice cream, and grill at the BYU Creamery on Ninth; several more restaurants surrounding campus, especially along the west (University Avenue) and south sides (800 N / 900 N streets); free museums of art (MOA) and science (Bean Life Science Museum, BYU Museum of Paleontology).

There are many more restaurant options close by, especially near Center Street Station, 2230 North Station, and University Place Station. These are all along the UVX bus route within about ten minutes of the BYU Conference Center.

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To do during your stay

Utah Valley offers world-class outdoor activities including hiking, skiing, snowboarding, and biking. has more information.

BYU’s Linguistics and language departments are housed in the Joseph F. Smith Building (JFSB) on campus, which boasts our brand-new Language Sciences Laboratory and features exhibitions at the Education in Zion learning center. We have planned a campus tour for Thursday, May 9 after the reception.